When the impossible becomes possible

Kuroba Kaito was a good man.

He had a nearly perfect life.

He had a caring mom, dad-figured uncles, a loving sister, a loyal friend, adoring fans and a love to chase.

Surely, his night persona, Kaitou KID, had some unfriendly faces, black crows hunting the white doves but none other some stunts, his life was quite peaceful.

However, the worst of it happened. A disease spread like wild-fire, calling “The rotting virus”, infecting half of Tokyo. Any victim had a 80% chance of dying. Once infected, the victims body began to rot, leaving black holes all over their body with an unpleasant smell.

Many had died.

Including Kuroba Kaito…

If this was any other people then this was the end for them. But this was Kuroba Kaito ws special. He loved doing the impossible, like challenging Shinigami, the God of Death himself.

They had a bet.

According to Kaito that if he could put a smile on Shinigami’s gloomy face then he could return to the living world. Otherwise, he would have to go to heaven. Shinigami agreed to his terms.

He did every magic tricks he knew.

Tried every jokes, funny and silly dances he could think of.

The God of Death wouldn’t crack a smile.

What seemed like days had passed and Kaito gave up.

As he was suited up for heaven, a miracle happened.

Shinigami gave him the last piece of chocolate cake as a goodbye and good-luck-next-time.

Kaito headed towards the swirling portal.

And he tripped upon his long gown and face-planted on the cake.

Swash… Along with a low chuckle.

And just as simple like that, Kaito made Shinigami smile and laugh.

As promised, he let him return with his friends and family. Kaito bid Shinigami a goodbye, see-you-later and told him to smile some more.

He sprang to life in a burst of confetti in his funeral with the biggest and brightest smile ever. Needless to say, it was the best and the biggest surprised he gave to his loved ones.

Shortly after his near-death experience, he opened a laughing organization, a special place just for making sick or dying people laugh and relax no matter what with magic shows. And it became a big hit.  Everyone joined in the organization in flocks, helped many people in the darkest time. Many of his descendants went on to become world’s greatest magicians.

His organization lived on, long after Kaito Kuroba.

Kaito was able to accomplish his life goals, destroy the crows along with Pandora and confessed his undying love to a neat haired detective, Kudo Shinichi.

But you couldn’t escape death twice.

Kaito died with a smile on his face.

Despite knowing his time had come but Kaito was happy. He was going to meet the one had passed and continued living in heaven.

Kaito never feared death.

He treated like old friends.

Kaito was ready to go on, hand-in-hand with his beloved Shin-chan.

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